Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheatre

The Veterans Memorial Amphitheatre is located at
7991 California Avenue in Old Fair Oaks Village.

The Fair Oaks Veterans Memorial Amphitheatre was built in 1971 and is owned by the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District. Each year the Fair Oaks Theatre Festival turns this unique facility into a full-fledged theatre for our summer productions.

This outdoor venue presents its own set of special circumstances. We sometimes compete with helicopters, chickens roosting in nearby trees, and an occasional cat that can’t wait to be a really big star. But along with these small annoyances are the cool breezes on a warm summer evening, the picnicking in the park before the show and the smell of fresh popped popcorn always available at our snack bar.

The Fair Oaks Veterans Memorial Amphitheatre is one of the last outdoor venues offering live theatre to the public in Sacramento County. The Festival is committed to the preservation of this facility and we have developed a plan to remodel the Amphitheatre. Phase I of the project was completed in 2002 with the remodel of the entry lobby and a new ticket booth. Phases II & III, a complex at the rear of the Amphitheatre that houses a snack bar, concession area, control booth and restrooms, were completed in 2004.

Finishing the lightbridge was a significant accomplishment.  With the help of SMUD, our new lighting system is both energy-efficient and state-of-the-art.  To view our current plans to further renovate the Veterans Memorial Amphitheatre, click here.

Our goal of $1,500,000 will allow us to finish the remodeling project and provide a first class cultural facility for our community.