Theatre Renovations

We have big plans
for the Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheatre!

FOTF Capital Campaign – Take a Leading Role!


  • The Capital Campaign is an ongoing effort to secure funding for the final Phase of the Amphitheatre renovation project.
  • A blue-ribbon Advisory Committee has been formed, including elected officials and business leaders throughout the Sacramento Region.
  • Generous individuals and businesses have donated significant financial resources.
  • SMUD has donated $16,000 towards the new energy efficient lighting system that was installed on the Theatre light bridge. This system is now being tested by SMUD as an ongoing research project.
  • The Festival and the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District have made the final decision on the basic design and square footage for the new stage house. The architchect, WMB Associates, has provided renderings of the project as seen above.
  • Several fundraising receptions have been held featuring performances by FOTF talented actors. These events educate community members on the programs and opportunities available through the all-volunteer Fair Oaks Theater Festival and their partners at American River College.