The Pajama Game

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Directed by Bob Irvin
Vocal Direction by Tracy Martin Shearer
Choreography by Sunny Smith

The dangers of a work place are explored to hysterical effects in this romantic comedy. Conditions at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory are anything but peaceful as sparks fly between new superintendent, Sid Sorokin, and Babe Williams, leader of the union grievance committee. Their stormy relationship comes to a head when the workers strike for a 7 ½ cent pay increase, setting off not only a conflicted management and labor, but a battle of the sexes as well.

Great entertainment for the whole family!! Featuring familiar songs such as “Hey There,” “Hernando’s Hideaway,” and “Steam Heat.”



Hasler/Pops Joe Hart
Gladys Kayla Camper
Mae Takylya Johnson
Mabel Brianne Hidden-Wise-Sinerius-Von Trapp
Babe Christianne Klein
Sid Gordon Hanley
Prez Jonathan Blum
Hines Jeff Labowitch
Cast Ensemble Members
Daniel Beldi
Barnie Warrick
Jacob Tucker
Nolan Lewis
Aaron Bayless
Kevin Haken
Cody Alexander
Alexandra Plance
Shannon Camper
Angelina McDermottroe
Leah Horner
Analise Langford
Mary Goodall
Melanie McClurg
Kimberli Sinerius
Chance Sinerius
Lauren Hirsch
Anna Russell
Dan Sattel
Juliet Perry
Carson Beards