Children’s Traveling Show – Stuart Little


The Children’s Traveling Show Presents Stuart Little!

Fair Oaks Theatre Festival’s version of this E.B. White classic is lively and fun as it demonstrates the importance of loyalty, friendship, courage, and the appreciation of the world around us.  It also reminds everyone that you can be small in size, but still have a big impact in life.

The play features colorful characters, creative scenery, and a host of the children’s favorite characters, including the lovable mouse – Stuart, the wiley cat – Snowbell, the gracious bird – Margalo, and Stuart’s human friends and family.

People of all ages will enjoy this show.

Show Schedule:  Saturdays – July 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd.
Time:   Shows at 10:00am and 12Noon (Running time approximately 50 minutes)
Place:  Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse

The Children’s Traveling Show performed for the Salvation Army Daycare and Summer Day Camp — Read more..