Honoring Tony Sestito

The Fair Oaks Theatre Festival is pleased to provide an opportunity for you to support FOTF in remembrance of our beloved Tony Sestito.

We will surely miss his wit, his drive to make the Veterans Memorial Amphitheatre even better, and his love of live theatre.

Mr. Sestito was a retired business owner who lived in the Fair Oaks area for over 30 years. He served as president of the Fair Oaks Theatre Festival from 1994-95 and again in 1998-2014.


During his business career, Mr. Sestito owned and operated five companies including Government Janitorial Contractor and Supply Retailer, Heavy Equipment Sales and Rental. His business employed over 450 people throughout the United States. He was educated in Sacramento and was a licensed Locomotive Engineer. Mr. Sestito brought to the Fair Oaks Theatre Festival a wealth of managerial experience, his expertise in the construction industry and community contacts. He also served as project supervisor for the Veterans Memorial Amphitheatre remodel project.