Celebrating the Life of Bob Irvin

Celebrating the Extraordinary Life of Bob Irvin

Many joined in to celebrate the life and work of our beloved Bob Irvin.

The memorial was held on Saturday, November 12th in the Amphitheatre.

Here was one of the highlights:

Thank you Aaron Duggan for sharing……..

A list of things I learned from Bob Irvin, sitting on his couch:

• PAY ATTENTION. To people. Your undivided attention is the most valuable gift you can give anyone. Bob had the unique ability to make you feel like you were interesting and smart and that your ideas were worthwhile. And he did it without trying—that was the beauty of it.

• PAY ATTENTION. To current events and history. Bob felt passionately about current events and politics and serial killers. He taught me that the world deserves and demands our participation. That sitting back and complaining is not enough. He taught me that solutions to problems big and small don’t just simply appear—people create them because they care enough to be involved, and because it’s not just about them, it’s about all of us.

• DON’T BE AFRAID TO HAVE AN OPINION. Bob taught me that not every point of view is equally valid and that you should never apologize for having a passionate opinion when you’ve done your homework and you know what you’re talking about. Like an actor onstage, we should never be shy about making bold choices and sticking by them.

• Having said that, NEVER BE SO SURE OF YOUR OPINIONS THAT YOU STOP LISTENING TO OTHERS. Life is a conversation. A give and take. When in doubt, ask the person you’re talking to, “What do you think?” And then listen. Really listen.

• Bob taught me to GIVE SELFLESSLY TO OTHERS BUT DO NOT TOLERATE OR CONDONE BAD BEHAVIOR. Bob always expected the best from you. Not in an unreasonable or perfectionistic way, but in a way that made you want to try to be the best you you could be. To live up to the amazing things he knew you were capable of, but maybe didn’t know you could do. But also to be gentle with ourselves if we don’t get it right the first time.

• NEVER TAKE OUT YOUR FRUSTRATIONS ON INNOCENT HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES. Having heard that a campaign to recall Governor Gray Davis was in the works, Bob—ironing his shirts as he was wont to do—ripped the cord of the iron from the wall and pitched the poor thing out into the yard. When Beth and I heard about this, we decided to spare Bob & Joe’s other household appliances and presented him with a

dedicated “throwing iron” whose faceplate was adorned with a photo collage of political figures whom Bob would likely love to hurl yonder.

• Speaking of photo collages—photograph everything and everyone. All the time. (Take a photo NOW)

Just a few more things I learned from Bob:

• If you don’t learn how to do anything else, learn how to do that terrible tickling thing to other peoples’ knees. You know that thing? They won’t think it’s funny, but you will, and that’s
enough.�• Say please and thank you. Never say “Can I?” when what you really mean is “May I?”

• Learn, for your own good, how to diagram a sentence.

• SURROUND YOURSELF WITH FUNNY AND CREATIVE PEOPLE. Everyone should have at least one person in their life who might burst into a show tune at the drop of a hat.
• CULTIVATE A SENSE OF HUMOR AND A SENSE OF THE IRREVERENTLY SILLY. When I think of Bob the first thing I think of is him laughing. Bob laughed, and he laughed, and he made us laugh along with him. What greater compliment can you give to a man?

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